South Korea

  • Specialized Wire Cutting experts
  • Welded Fabrications
  • Light & Heavy Machining
  • Assembly
  • High Strength forgings & castings
  • Bronze products
  • ISO 9001/2000 certified


  • Finished machined steel castings
  • Specialized steel castings and forgings
  • Cast Iron
  • Stainless Steel
  • Bronze products
  • ISO 9001/2000 certified

Manufacturing Engineering

One of the important aspects of the service we provide is the upfront assistance we offer to our clients in the initial design and development of a product. As materials and process technologies advance, it is increasingly important for our customers to involve us early in the decisions that ultimately affect the cost and performance of the products they require.

New alloys are being used for improved properties after heat treatment. Changes in these alloys can greatly strengthen plain carbon grades of steel. With these new alloys, various products can now be forged versus casted. This can save our customer time and money in overall production requirements. So, getting us involved as early as possible in the design and manufacturability process will help us provide a better product in a timely manner to our clients.

Manufacturing Engineering

  • Manufacturability design evaluation and assistance
  • Specialized Machining and Heavy Fabrication
  • Review of assembly requirements